About fleet forensics

Fleet Forensics is a UK based specialist cyber forensic investigation and training company.

At Fleet Forensics we offer more than just technical or IT explanations to your requirements. We take ownership and personal responsibility for each engagement. Our philosophy is to do the right things, right. The company provides consultancy in the specialist field of digital forensics, cyber investigation and training. It was set up by Ray Massie in 2008 who has been involved in the field computer forensics since 2004, both as a manager of digital forensic teams and as a ‘hands on practitioner’.

Ray is a retired detective from the Metropolitan Police Central e Crime Unit. He has extensive experience across a wide spectrum of criminal investigation, taking many cases through the British criminal justice system, including high profile cyber cases.

Since working in the private sector he has built up and works with with a network of trusted ‘like minded’ professionals, drawn from government agencies, the military, information security and computer forensics. Fleet Forensics are engaged on a variety of different projects, requiring a variety of these skill sets.

Combining his years an investigator with his technical skills he has been involved as a subject matter expert in cyber-crime investigation and training in many countries over a number of years. Fleet Forensics conduct computer network and forensic investigations, open source and internet investigation and specialise in ‘live’ forensics specifically on site and forensic collections of data for clients.

Cybercrime investigation and open source internet investigation training courses are available to be delivered.